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      International Department
      來源:國際部 發布日期:2023年9月4日 作者:李翠銀 閱讀187次

      Located at Wulong Three Road, Dianjun District, Yichang City, Yichang Ouyang Xiu School (originally Yichang Cambridge Bilingual School) is a full-time private secondary school approved by the Yichang Municipal Education Bureau. Based on its own Cambridge International Exchange School , the school sets up its own international department, which is committed to international high school education and open up a convenient passage for high school students to further their university study abroad.

      The International Department launched "2+1 Sino-Canadian Class" , which is a high school curriculum teaching project jointly organized by our school and Wales High School in Canada,  in which project the registered students are taught by outstanding teachers from both Yichang Ouyang Xiu School and a team of experienced foreign teachers from Canada, preparing them for  excellent academic research ability, cross-cultural communication ability, critical thinking and innovation ability. Students enrolling in the program choose the 2 + 1 mode of completion of the international high school curriculum, that is, the completion of two years of high school at Yichang Ouyang Xiu School before going to attend the Canadian Welsh High School for another year , they will have a globally recognized Canadian Welsh high school diploma and will be able to apply for the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo and etc.

      Besides the 2+1 Sino-Canadian Class , there are five other programs,such as IELTS class, Model United nations Conference, Business Simulation, Confucius Class, ChinaDaily Learning Club.

      All the programs and activities are aimed at broadening the students horizons and enlarging their knowledge, nurturing them will scientific philosophy and concepts, leading them to love the world and make a difference to better it. 









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